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Fluxbox Themes
ang3l (screen shot)
immerse (screen shot)
mindfuck (screen shot)
mod_irontek (screen shot)
PWF (screen shot)
RFA (screen shot)
An Endless Conversation
Basic Slackware Security
Compile Your New 2.4 Kernel in 15 Easy Steps
Create a Custom Antenna
Culture Jamming Resources
Dumpster Diving - Art or Science?
Figure 1: dvddecrypt1.jpg

Figure 2: dvddecrypt2.jpg

Figure 3: dvddecrypt3.jpg

Figure 4: dvdessen1.jpg
feend's Viewing br.rm in Linux mini-HOWTO
Frequencies Listed by FCC Radio Service
Get Started with Your Favorite Security Tools
Hotels: Your Inn for Access
How to Configure a Linux Kernel
The iPod: It's not just for music anymore.
Introduction to Batch Programming
KNOPPIX Static IP Config mini-HOWTO
MPlayer on Red Hat with APT HOWTO
Organizationally Unique Identifiers
A Physical Security Primer for the Community
Port Knocking Simplified
Practical Examples of Social Engineering
Radio Codes
Ranmac - Shell Based
Running Fat Distros on Thin Hardware
Setting Up a Background Image on Your Console
Simple and Effective Physical Security Case Mods
TSA Frequencies
Ubuntu Linux Multimedia HOWTO
University of Trashing
Urban Exploration for the Social Engineer
Using the Latest GnuPG with Red Hat and APT HOWTO
batch.pl - Generates a text file of 10,000 numbers in the needed format for Bell's Mind batch submissions
bm.pl - CLI for Bell's Mind (http://bellsmind.net/)
cast.pl - Podcast aggregator
chk_kern.pl - Check on the latest kernel versions
dhcphosts.pl - Generates an /etc/hosts file for a box on a DHCP network
endir.pl - Encrypt directories with senstive information
Generating Millisecond Accurate, Multi-Frequency Wave Files in Perl
geocode-0.99.pl - Searchable area code database in Tk (screen shot)
ghettotooth.pl - Ghettodriving for Bluetooth
Hacburn-0.1.5 - Tk tool for writing CDs (screen shot)
Grabber - Grab web files fast and easy while using proxies
Kernel Helper - Handles the busywork of installing a new kernel
macninja.pl - Spoofs orinoco mac with choice of address
mplay.pl - Stream your favorite internet radio stations at the command line
oneoseven.pl - Automates scribbling on e107 stats pages
oNp Parser version 1.0 - Parses nmap output to search for certian services
oshunt.pl - Randomly seeks out hosts running a given OS
pskill.pl - ps -aux parser
ranmac.pl - Spoofs wireless MAC with random address in *BSD
spamrr-v2.pl - Creates a database of Road Runner user email addresses
syncsite.pl - Mirrors a site with Net::FTP
Unlisted Number Lister 0.1 - Lists nos. not found in Superpages.com's directory for a given NPA-NXX
upsite.pl - Uploads a local directory to a server via FTP
0wning Your Public Access (P.A.) System
5ESS Remote Office Test Line
800-440-00xx Scan
959 Numbers
9V Busy Box
A Brief Introduction to Albuquerque's Telephone System
Airport Discovery
Alexis Park Scan & Backspoof
AT&T Public Phone 2000i
Basic Phreak Fun
Boston 617-956-XXXX Wardial
Brown University Scan
The Bungee Box
Cap'n Crunch Revisited??
Checking Answering Machines Remotely
Conversion Box
DMS-100 Line Class Codes
The Double Op-divert, and More
Easiest Busy Box
Exchange Scanning
Exchange Scanning Part Two
Executioner Box II
Exploration of a Nokia 5185i with Alltel Service
Fax On Demand
Foreign Telecommunications Carriers
Free Calls from Phonehog
G4TechTV Scan
Greyarea's DATU Search in Phx: 602-xxx-9994
Greyarea's DATU Search Continues on to 480-xxx-9994!
Hacking Cellphones
Hacking Meridian Mail Boxes
Hacking Octel Voicemail Boxes
Hacking Voicemail Boxes
Have Tone Dialer- Will Travel
How to Get Out of Your Contract Without Early Termination Fees
How to Op Divert Using Your Local Op
How to Scam Calling Cards from Your Local Telco
Implementing Good Telecommunications Security
Inner-London, England 9999 Scan
Intercepting and Re-transmitting Data Over Phone Lines
Jenny Scan
KuroiShi's "Ghetto Ass" Beige Box
Local Number Portability on LDP
Long Distance Bullshit
Loop Maintenance Operations System (LMOS)
Making A Digital Copy Of The Fone Book For Fun Or Pleasure
Making Voice and Data Compatible
Monitoring 2.4 GHz Cordless Phones
The Monroe Switch
Mount Vernon, Washington (MTVRWAXXDS1) Backspoofs
National TTY Numbers
New Mexico Numbers
New York City 212-777-XXXX Wardial
New York City 212-NXX-9999 Scan and Backspoof
Noobscan 800 (800-NXX-NOOB)
Norstar Voicemail Manual
The OSP Reference Model
Phear the 867 exchange list.
Phrack Phreaking Archive
Phreaking.... from a ninja standpoint
Phreaking O'ahu
Phreaking Out Your iPod
Phun with Numbers
Pioneer/Telephone Trivia
Practical Phreaking
Practical Phreaking II: Payphones
Practical Phreaking III: Calling Cards
Public TTYs: Description and Methodologies for Free Calling
Qwest Field Accessed Service Tools (FAST)
Qwest Frame Operations Management System (FOMS)
Qwest Key Contacts
Qwest Memo: Organizational Announcement from Frank Lukas
Qwest NXX Report for May 2004
Qwest Outside Plant Facilities Management (OSP-FM)
Qwest Provider Proprietary Networking Information (PPNI)
Qwest's Tandem Switches
Red Boxing Revealed For The New Agenew
Removing and Replacing Manhole Covers
Revenge by Phone, and How Best to Counteract It
ScanGen v0.4
SE'ing AT&T Prepaid Card Numbers
Shit Boxing
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 999x and 0000 Exchange Scan
Spoofing Caller ID with Qwest Security Screen
Figure 1: CID Spoof with Qwest Security Screen

Custom Choice Reference Guide
Stack Box
Superpages Scanning
Switch Hook Dialing
Sydney, Australia 9999 Scan
Sydney, Australia Test Exchange Scan
TAR - Telco Acronym Reference
Telco Exchange Count List
Telemarketers: Don't you just hate them.
Test Prefixes/Exchanges
Tiniest Busy Box
Tokyo, Japan +81(03)-5617-66xx Scan
Toll-Free ANACs
Tools of the Trade
Verizon Frame Operations Management System (FOMS)
Verizon FTTP Network Diagram
Verizon Teleconferencing
Verizon's Call Intercept
Verizon's Expanded Announcement System
Vermont 802-NXX-9999 Scan
Wireless Beige Box
Ultimate Beige Box
Yellow Book - Punta Gorda, FL - Business
Yellow Book - Punta Gorda, FL - Residence
XL Box
Basic Steps to Protect Your Privacy
Identity Theft Resources
Privacy Policy Treatise
Social Insecurity
Retail Hacking
Advanced ATM Fraud (.doc)
Attention Kmart Hackers
Blockbuster Computer Functions and Reports Quick Reference Guide
Fun at the Movies
Get Your $100 Apple Credit Without Activating Your iPhone new
Hacking Home Depot
Hacking Your Local Kmart's Phone System
Kodak Picture Maker: In's and Out's
Lowe's Phone System
Mervyn's Fun
More Mervyn's Fun
Owning the Best Buy App & Router
Retail Hardware Revisited
Safeway's Not So Safe
Security at Hollywood Video
Target Job Codes
Understanding UPC Structure
Wegmans Stores Private Lines
A Beginners Guide to OpenSER new
ANNAC (Automatic Name & Number Announcement Circuit)
Asterisk .Annoy
Asterisk .Annoy v1.5
Asterisk Autodialer
Asterisk Call Logger
Asterisk MySQL Call Logger
Asterisk Random Caller ID Generator
Asterisk Super Caller ID
Asterisk Super Caller ID (Australia)
Asterisk vs. Trixbox
Backspoofer v0.1b
Caller ID Readback Written in Bourne Shell
Chatter Bug: VoIP Solution With A Problem
Digium's Pound Key Version 1.2.1 Reviewed
Example I/O Script
How To Dial Out Using an ATA and SkypeOut
IMAP By Phone
Installing app_cepstral with Asterisk HOWTO
NMAP By Phone
Pulver Sites
Understanding ANI & CPN with VoIP
Inexpensive Eight-Oh-Two-Eleven Networking
Setting Up Kismet and an Aironet 350 on SuSE 8.2
Wardriving Colorado Springs
Wardriving With Mickey
Wi-Fi Adapter Database
Wi-Fi on FreeBSD Made Easier
Wi-Fi on Linux Made Easy
Wi-Fi on SuSE 8.0

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